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Welcome to the Coconut Shake App! Today, we bring you an Exciting game. that you can play on your Android mobile. You play the role of manager at a coconut water shop, You have to manage mixed drinks and make your business on the Top. it’s not just about making only mixing drinks, it’s a journey about building your own Coconut Business.

What is Coconut Shake Game?

Coconut Shake Apk is an interesting game for Android devices. in the game, you get to be the manager of a coconut water shop. You not only make coconut shakes drinks in the game but also try to set up a big business by the roadside.

The best part about the game is that it is easy to play. You just mix coconut juice based on the demand of customers and watch your business grow. furthermore, Every time you mix drinks in the game, it feels like you are taking a mini vacation to a tropical paradise. The sun, waves, and yummy coconut flavors make it such a fun and enjoyable experience.

Features of Coco Nutshake

Fun Gameplay

Enjoy the Coco Nuts shake game with very simple gameplay. Build high scores by completing levels and their tasks.

Easy Controls

Eniy the game with easy controls. Whether you are a pro gamer or a newbie, just swipe your fingers across the screen to perform different tasks.

Enjoyable Scenes

The scenes of the game are super exciting! When you play, it feels like you are in a cozy and calming place. when you complete a task it makes you happy and eager to keep playing.

Amazing Graphics

Enjoy the beautiful 2D graphics that remind you of classic games. The game has a cute girl character and you can make yummy Coconut milk Shakes with her.

No Subscription or Registration

You can play the game for free without needing to subscribe or register.

Customizable Coconut Shop

Make your coconut shake stand unique by Customizing and changing backgrounds, colors, and decorations. Create a stand that you love and attract lots of customers to your coconut Business.

challenges and achievements

Get ready for some fun challenges and achievements! As you run your coco nuts drinks business, you’ll face exciting challenges and earn achievements. Moreover, you will get ratings based on how good your drinks are.

How to play CocoNutShake Game?

in CocoNut Shake APK, Your job is to serve customers by making delicious coconut drinks. The game will give you specific requests from customers, like elements and how to serve the drinks.

You Will have tools and materials like coconut water, sugar, ice, coconut milk, fruits, and toppings. Choose the right materials and follow the process to make perfect coconut drinks that customers will love. The game has simple gameplay, so you will enjoy it much and If you want more games like this proud father is the best option.

How to install and download Coco NutShake Apk?

  • Download the CoconutShake APK From the Download button at the top of this page.
  • Wait a few minutes, The download process will done.
  • After downloading, find the file in your File Manager App.
  • Enable ”unknown source” from the Android setting before installation.
  • Then, tap on icon options for installation.
  • Wait until the game is successfully installed.
  • Once done, you can Open the game and play it.


it’s all about the Coconut Shake game! You can play it on your mobile. It is super easy and exciting, with three stages and different tasks to conquer. Score high by performing skillfully in each task. And let’s not forget about the Amazing graphics that bring back the nostalgia of playing old 2D retro games. It’s a total blast!