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About Proud Father

we present you Proud Father APK, an interesting simulation game For your Android smartphone. This game offers an interesting platform for players looking for an online game that combines enjoyment with important life lessons. It focuses on the dynamic relationship between a father and his son.

Proud Father provides a training and educational tool for players to improve their parenting abilities instead of just a game. The main objective is to help players shape their child’s personality via instruction and training, improving the overall growth and welfare of their digital children.

At the start of the game, a father is seen looking at an egg, which represents the beginning stages of motherhood. To promote the child’s physical and mental growth, the father should take care of a sick child as the game grows, feeding him and making sure kids gets enough sleep.

father’s focus on wellness and good health is one of his best behaviors. To improve the overall growth of their children, players have been charged with teaching them healthy habits.

the game has outstanding graphics that improve the whole gaming experience. The parent and child figures in the game are shown with extreme care and attention to detail, which adds another level of engagement and creates a stunningly beautiful and emotionally impactful gaming experience.


Captivating Gameplay

The game is a fantastic playing roles game that offers players an engaging and fun gameplay experience.

Different Task System

Take part in many different kinds of activities in the game that will not only make you feel more excited but will also help your digital youngster grow and learn. The objectives of these jobs are to meet the player’s requirements and wishes.

Ad-Free Experience

you can play for hours on end without being interrupted because there are no advertisements in the game. distractions cannot interfere with the exciting gameplay.

Health and Fitness Focus

The importance of fitness and health for a child’s development is highlighted all over the game. In the virtual world, players may take part in activities that support their inside-game child’s physical and mental health, promoting a balanced approach to parenting.

Free Download

Proud Father is available for download at absolutely no cost. Interested users can access the game free of charge by simply clicking the provided download link on this page in Apkpurse.


Those who looking for an engaging and fun gaming experience on their Android or tablet should have Proud Father APK. This game was Created especially for those who want to be role models for fathers in the virtual world, Playing the game allows users to participate in the joys and trials of parenthood while learning valuable skills and training in the art of parenting, which goes above simple entertainment.