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Touch It Rikka APK Download (Latest Version) V1.2 for Android

4.6 V1.2 11.1 MB
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Touch it Rikka is a super fun and lightweight game that you can easily install and run on any device. When you play the app, each level you complete comes with its special achievement. Some achievements even unlock cool new features or extra levels, which you can proudly show off on your profile page to showcase your gaming skills. Touch it Rikka is not an ordinary game, it’s a unique dating game made for both adults and teenagers. It was specifically designed to catch the interest of young folks like you. However, it’s important to note that if you’re under 18 years old, this game might not be suitable for you due to some content that’s more appropriate for older players.

Adventure Stories

The game’s story is super interesting and keeps you entertained. The characters are hilarious, and the art style is absolutely amazing. You will get to experience different types of love through engaging stories and games.

Sound and Cartoon Graphics

The game’s sound and graphics are top-notch, giving you a super experience. It’s like you’re right in the game!

Anime Vibes

Touch It Rikka features a beautiful and incredible anime character, making it a must-play for anime fans like us. You will love the anime-inspired elements in the game.

Simple Controls

The game has easy controls that anyone can handle. You can do all sorts of things with Rikka, like pressing his body using the buttons on the screen. It’s super interactive!

No Ads

Unlike many dating apps that bombard you with annoying ads, Touch It Rikka offers a pure dating experience without any pesky ads popping up everywhere. It’s all about focusing on the fun without any distractions.