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About Hole House

Hole House APK is an exciting puzzle game designed for Android devices, created by the skilled developers at Playgendary. This modern game presents players with fun puzzles to solve in a 3D scene that is stunning to look at.

The basic goal of Hole House is straightforward, players have to move a cube through increasingly difficult levels that are filled with challenges like moving platforms and holes in walls. A greater degree of strategy is added to the gameplay by providing several kinds of tools, such as saw blades and blocks, to help players overcome these challenges.

the game offers a very engaging playing experience thanks to its outstanding graphics and simple-to-use controls For players of all ages. Hole House is suitable for Android smartphones running version 4.4 or higher, and it promises hours of entertainment. Hole House APK gives a fun gaming experience whether you’re looking for a new game to play on your way to work or just want to pass the time with puzzle games.

Features of Hole House APK

Different Puzzle Tasks

A large number of puzzle challenges are available in Hole House, offering players a fun gaming experience. The game offers an extensive range of tasks that keep players engaged, including simple to hard puzzles.

3D Images

The 3D graphics in the game create an attractive atmosphere like Granblue Fantasy that improves the overall gameplay experience. Every level is more physically appealing and interesting because of the realistic graphics.

Superb Controls

Players can easily move through Hole House due to its simple-to-use controls. This guarantees that players of all skill levels can take satisfaction in the challenges without feeling limited by difficult controls.

Unique Tools for Plans

Players can use many different kinds of tools, such as saw blades and blocks, to complete challenges. Every tool adds a different aspect to the gameplay, and to move forward, you’ll need to use both tactical preparation and creative thinking.

Different Levels

The game offers a continuous challenge as players progress, with ever higher difficulty levels. The reality that each level needs a greater degree of skill and problem-solving guarantees that players stay motivated and engaged.


The Playgendary team has successfully created an engaging and inventive puzzle game for Android users called Hole House APK. Mixing amazing 3D graphics with traditional block puzzles, the game provides a unique and engaging experience. Players are provided with interesting problems to solve as they move a cube through successively challenging levels while employing tools like cutting blades and blocks.