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Are you a fan of simulation games? Today, we are here with a simulation game sloven classmate. Sloven Classmate is a great simulation game, in which you will play the role of a new student in the virtual high school Sloven. so stay with us at the end of this article to get more information about this game.

What is Sloven classmate Apk?

Sloven Classmate is an interesting game, in which you get to be a new student in the high school Sloven. It is an exciting opportunity to experience high school life in a new way. in the game, players have a super gaming experience. players can meet will meet all sorts of interesting characters. You can also interact with Virtual female classmates and build relationships with them.

The game allows users to design their avatars, find classmates, participate in school activities, and earn points by completing Tasks. Sloven Classmate allows also players to explore different storylines and scenarios while playing the game. furthermore, with its amazing gameplay and Unique Features, The game promises to provide an interesting and entertaining experience to all players who looking for a simulation adventure. I hope you like it!

Features of Sloven classmate Game

HD Anime Graphics

Sloven Classmate Has incredible 3D anime graphics with super colors and awesome characters, that have totally provided an amazing experience.

Engaging Storyline

The game Takes you on a special Journey through Konoha, where you visit different places and uncover many exciting stories.

Comedic Adventure

This game is a mix of comedy and anime, you will not feel bored by playing this game. Plus, you also build relationships with other interesting characters.

Avatar Customization

You get to create your avatar and make it look how you want. You can customize everything from your side to your outfits and even your personality.

User-Friendly Interface

The game is designed to be super easy to play, no matter if you are a pro or a newbie. The interface is user-friendly so you will have no trouble in the game.

How to Download and install the Sloven classmate?

  • Firstly, click the Download button on the top, and download the file.
  • Wait until Complete Downloading!
  • Then Enable unknown source from Android Settings before installation.
  • Now, Go to the file manager Tap on the APP icon and start installation.
  • Install the App and enjoy the Game!


Sloven Classmate APK is an amazing simulation game where you become a new student at a virtual high school called Sloven. You get to meet different classmates, talk to them, and do activities together. and if you want another simulation game Harem is the best one.