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NP Manager Apk is like a super handy toolkit for your phone. Imagine you have this awesome app that lets you do a bunch of cool things easily. You can edit, translate, clone, encrypt, sign, and even optimize stuff. it’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your phone task and It also has a screen color picker, which is like a magic wand for choosing colors, and something called DEX obfuscation, which is like a secret code protector for your apps. So, NP Manager is your go-to buddy for making your phone do exactly what you want, with some extra tricks up its sleeve.



NP Manager lets you change things on your phone, like fixing pictures or texts. So, if you want to make a photo look better or correct a message, it is there to help you get things just right.


It acts like a language wizard, It can change words from hard languages you might not know and make it easy to understand messages and information from all around the world.


you can create duplicates of things, such as apps or files, making it easy to have more than one copy of something you like. This is super handy when you want to keep things organized or share them with friends.

File Manager

NP Manager helps you organize and manage your files easily, like photos and documents, so you can find them quickly whenever you need them.

Screen Color Picker

Imagine having a special tool that helps you pick any color you see on your screen, It helps you to choose colors on your screen easily.

DEX Obfuscation

It’s a superpower that protects your secret codes in apps, making them extra safe. It’s like having a superhero shield for your digital secrets, keeping them away from prying eyes.