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What is MelanCholianna Game?

MelanCholianna APK is a popular adventure game, where players explore a treacherous path inside an ancient tower. To keep you on your toes, this path fills itself with all traps and challenges. Izigames developed the game in 2021 for PC and now it is available on Android phones.

You have to control a character named Lianna. She is a princess who gets abducted by creepy creatures and locked up in a deserted tower. Dangerous traps and scary mutated creatures surround her. The game follows Lianna’s journey and the challenges she has to overcome to face. It’s an exciting story filled with adventure.

Features of Melancholianna Android App

unique Gameplay

MelanCho Lianna is a super fun game where you get to be the main character Lianna. You will get a chance to explore different levels that are full of tricky traps and obstacles. To move further, you need to solve puzzles and tasks with the environment.


Melanchollianna Game has some hard and easy challenges that are designed to test your skills against enemies. You have to pass missions to complete and enemies to face off against.

Traps and Hidden Secrets

the game has traps and hidden secrets. You will need to use your brain to find clues that guide Lianna to the next checkpoint. By using different tools, solving puzzles, and facing challenges.

Superb Graphics

The graphics in MelanCho lianna apk are super. They mix hand-drawn and 3D stuff to make the game look really pretty and unique. The game has lots of places with old buildings, and the characters, especially Lianna, look like princesses from comic books.


The music in Melancholyannais is Amazing. They made special songs just only for the game that make the game even more awesome. The background music, along with all the sound effects like explosions, monster noises, and ancient machinery sounds, really make you feel like you’re right there in the game. And Lianna’s voice and cute expressions just make it all even more delightful to listen to.

Melancholia apk Gameplay

MelanCholianna is an exciting game. You get to control the main character, Lianna. She goes on an adventure in different places with many types of challenges and tricky traps. As you play the game, you will explore many places. You will also interact with objects and characters. Plus, you’ll solve puzzles to uncover clues and progress in the story.

The game has some unique traps and hidden secrets that you will need to find out to help Lianna reach the next level. It’s all about using your smart brain and tools to overcome challenges and play great.

How to install and Download Melancholianna apk file?

  • Click the download button at the top of this page.
  • Wait a few seconds, and the downloading process will be complete.
  • Enable ”Unknown source” from Android’s setting, before installing.
  • Open the file manager and click on apk icon to start the installation.
  • wait, the installation will complete.
  • After Complete, open the game and enjoy!

Final Remarks

It’s all about the MelanCholianna Game, Download now and enjoy the game and if you want more games like this check out Bulma Adventure, this is also an Amazing adventure game. if you face any problems downloading the app, then feel free to contact us.