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Games are enjoyable activities that can make people happy and that also help to earn money from playing different games. Sometimes people feel sad, and mobile games can be like a friend who cheers them up and makes them happy.

now, we introduce you to a special and interesting Android game Gorilla Tag Horror. In this game, you play the character part, and your job is to run away from a gorilla hunter. the game is very simple and easy to play with lots of missions and its amazing graphics make it more interesting like Drain Mansion. This is perfect for those who love gorilla adventure.

furthermore, there are more interesting things in Gorilla Tag Horror, you can play this with your friends and family. just think of a game where a big gorilla is hidden in the dark. you go there with only a flashlight, and at every moment you will face new challenges and surprises.

What is Gorilla Tag Horror Game?

Gorilla Tag Horror is an adventure game where scary things come alive. you play this like a cunning character, such as a hunter. you will face many different types of monsters everywhere and each has its kind of danger. to defeat them you need to unlock the flashes and other special items.

This a multiplayer game, you can play the game alone but real fun comes when you play with other players like with a friend or any family member. the monkeys in the game become very big monsters and they run behind you to catch you. but your work is to collect the points and climb the leaderboards to show your ability.

jungle is a big part of the game for exploration, you will search for things and solve many types of puzzles as you understand the forces of the dark. It helps in the game and makes you smarter and stronger. So, get ready to add more laughs to Gorilla Tag Horror App!

Features of Gorilla Tag Horror Apk

Surprising Scares

Get ready for Gorilla Horror, which is full of big monsters. the game adds some scary modes that excite the players and make it a bit scary as they explore the game.


Gorilla Tag is full of interesting challenges that you face in the game and you need to solve these challenges to move forward.

Nightmare Places

The game takes you through terrifying and strange places, which makes it more difficult for you!


you can play the game with your friends and family because it allows a multiplayer option. the function makes the gaming experience more interesting.

Easy Rules

the rules and regulations of the Gorilla Tag Horror app are very simple and easy to understand.

Additional Features Gorilla Horror game

  • No need for any registration
  • support in many different languages.
  • free to use and download.
  • very simple to use
  • No Third-party ads.
  • day and night modes.
  • many more others.

How to Download and Install Gorilla Horror App?

  • Download the file as we provide the download link at the top of the Article.
  • After downloading, you need to enable the ”unknown source” from your device setting.
  • Now, find the Gorilla Horror file in the file manager.
  • click on the file and Start download.
  • wait for a few times, to complete installation.
  • Now enjoy the game!


Gorilla Horror Is a fun full and special game for all game lovers, With its amazing features, the game becomes more interesting. Just download the app today and get ready for an exciting adventure. Enjoy the game and good luck!