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Gift of Hedone Apk is a captivating and enjoyable video game It Jumps you on an adventurous journey within a colorful fantasy World, Discover the secret behind Hedone, the god of joy, losing its powers. Your journey involves restoring happiness to the world by exploring the cause of Hedone’s disappearance.

As the main character, you’ll begin on a heroic mission, exploring through Amazing levels, collecting important information, checking out new places, and confronting monsters and foes along the way. Brace yourself for an epic and joy-filled expedition that promises excitement at every turn.

This engaging game combines elements of exploration, Solving puzzles, and combat, providing players with a lively and absorbing experience like Parasite In The City. Gift of Hedone invites gamers to not only enjoy a visually appealing environment but also to play an active role in bringing joy back to the fantastical world within the game.

important Features

Exciting Adventure

Gift of Hedone offers a thrilling journey in a colorful world, solving mysteries and facing challenges.

Mission to Bring Joy

Your goal is to make the world happy again by figuring out why Hedone, the god of joy, lost its powers.

Heroic Gameplay

Play as a hero, explore interesting levels, gather information, discover new places, and battle monsters and enemies.

Epic Journey

Brace yourself for a fun and joyful expedition filled with excitement at every turn.

Engaging Experience

The game combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, providing players with a lively and absorbing adventure.


Gift of Hedone is a fun game where you’re the hero in an awesome story. Collect power, battle different groups, and enjoy unique characters with special abilities. The graphics look awesome, like anime, and the game has a Japanese vibe with voice acting and music.